how to use it

Before you start to use it, you need to make sure some thing! There are certain preconditions for the use of this app.

How do i install it?

  1. 1. Click the "GET IT NOW" button above.
  2. 2. Unzip "" and copy “” to your Applications folder.
  3. 3. Launch CokernutxServer (it will appear as an icon in the menu bar).
  4. 4. Connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure it is unlocked.
  5. 5. Trust your iPhone with your computer (if needed).
  6. 6. (Mojave only) Open iTunes and enable iTunes Wi-Fi sync for your phone.
  7. 7. (Catalina only) Open Finder and enable “Show this iPhone when on WiFi” for your phone.
  8. 8. Click the CokernutxServer icon in the Mac menu bar, click “Install CokernutX, then choose your phone.
  9. 9. Enter your Apple ID email and password (NOTE: both email address and password are case sensitive).
  10. 10. (First time only) CokernutxServer will ask you to install a Mail plug-in. Follow the instructions to continue (or see below for more detailed instructions).
  11. 11. Wait a few seconds, then CokernutX will be installed to your phone.

How to install Mail plug-in? (Mac only)

  1. 1. Click “Install Mail Plug-in” from the CokernutxServer menu.
  2. 2. Enter your password to grant CokernutxServer permission to install the plug-in.
  3. 3. Open Mail (quit Mail first if it was already running).
  4. 4. Open Mail > Preferences.
  5. 5. Click “Manage Plug-ins...”
  6. 6. Enable “AltPlugin.mailbundle”
  7. 7. Click “Apply and Restart Mail” to finish installation.


computer ready

You must need a computer firstly,at present, we only support MacOS and MacOS version at least 10.14.0.

free apple account

Before you start to sideload the ipa,u need to register a free apple account, this is used for the tool to sign your ipa files.You can easily register on Apple's official website

no revoked

This depends on your personal developer account, which is much more stable than the traditional enterprise certificate.

no jailbreak

You don't need to jailbreak your device at all, avoiding other risks caused by your device's jailbreak.

easy to use

Only when you need to sign a new app or refresh the validity period of the app, then you need to open the cokernutxserver on the computer side and connect your device, which is no longer needed at any other time.

easy to customize

In addition to the apps we have already provided, you can still sideload other apps by yourself.